Who is simon cowell dating now

"I don't really like to go out to the bar and do the typical thing of meeting men," said the Michigan native. I really have not had a chance to meet different types of men because I've never traveled the country.

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But in the end, Shannon said she wants to meet someone who is funny and who likes sports.

And once the show is over, she wants to go back to her normal life."Cupid" airs this summer on CBS.

Last year, Murs told Digital Spy that he wasn't a fan of the streaming changes made to the chart, and it was harder for UK artists like him to get a No.1 single."It's not a fair chart at the moment," he told us. Obviously the young demographic listening to Spotify will go into their 30s and 40s with streaming."My demographic is the mums, but I also have loads of teens.

The expectant socialite, 36, will remain at her home in The Hamptons, New York, with estranged husband Andrew as they try to resolve their issues regarding the care and custody of their seven-year-old son.

Well not really, his name is Eric, but I can't imagine someone like Simon Cowell reproducing and “Amateurish delivery. Well, I suggest you get a lawyer and sue your university. Did you have to sound like a thousand alley cats being tortured whilst pushing me out? He is also happy and healthy and probably already sharing a celebratory smoke with his old man, who hopped on a private jet from London to be present for the birth (which was not sponsored by Dreft, oddly.) There has been no comment from Andrew Silverman, Simon's old best pal, congratulating the couple on the birth of their baby.

Probably because Andrew is also technically still Lauren's husband. At least baby Simon Cowell can find comfort in baby Owen Wilson, since he, too, enjoys impregnating married ladies.

I'm already pre-ordering their future co-authored tell-all book as we speak.

19, in Los Angeles, she couldn't hold back when asked about the 54-year-old.

Now, Cowell is turning his attention from music to love as the creator and executive producer of an upcoming reality dating show, "Cupid."He visited Friday's The Early Show with Lisa Shannon, a 25-year-old single woman who is looking for Mr. But first, Cowell told his critics, who think he is being mean to kids who have hope of fame and fortune, he is being kind most of the time on "American Idol.""[Some contestants] are disillusioned," he explained.

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