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The explicit material may also be accompanied by private information such as the victim’s full name, personal address, phone number and details about their social media profiles.What can you do if you discover you have become a victim ofis also a 24-hour service used for the same purpose.Then click on a free cams stream and go directly to a model’s chat room.

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If you are subjected to blackmail or threatening messages, be sure to capture a screenshot of the messages and report it to the Police.

You can also reach out to the website where the material has been published and ask them to take it down through their support provision.

While authorities were unaware of the mass-sharing of photos, Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro yesterday warned against such activities, confirming it as a criminal offence in Fiji.

“We urge those sharing these photos to refrain from doing so,” Ms Naisoro said.

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The university will hold the responsible person(s) fully accountable,” he said.

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