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Han og en kollega har gennemgået en række undersøgelse om den seksuelle lavalder fra 1950’erne og frem til i dag.

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And if there’s justice in the world, a similar sort of notoriety will befall Chip Gubera’s SLASHER.

COM, which is currently nestled in Asda’s chart as an in-store exclusive (for the rock bottom price of five English pounds, no less).But as the pleasant, would-be couple trudge deeper and deeper into the Virginian woodland for an intimate weekend getaway (well, if you discount one character’s plan for violent murder, obviously), Gubera throws in a scintillating curveball: Jewel Shepard’s lascivious redneck matriarch, Momma.Presiding over the sex-obsessed Myers clan (which also includes Rebecca Crowley’s shapely daughter, and hulking star following the famously outspoken actress and writer’s battle with breast cancer. Biting her lip and gyrating in a perpetual state of orgasmic ecstasy, the uproarious Shepard is sexy, yucky, and all kinds of weird as she spits barbed double entendres and – yep – masturbates with a swanky silver spoon.And then feeds an unwitting Jack and Kristy mouthfuls of homemade casserole with it.And then lines the pair of ’em up as her depraved family’s latest erotic playthings, be they alive or dead. UNG2006 undersøgelsen spørger også til, om de unge har prøvet at have sex med en, de ”ikke elsker”.

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