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Gigandet portrayed the role of Kevin, a bad boy and rebellious competitive surfer who develops a casual relationship with the rich socialite Marissa Cooper, portrayed by Mischa Barton.

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When he imagined the talk, he definitely didn't imagine this.

Not even in his wildest dreams."Uh." He said, because he couldn't form any coherent words."I know you probably thought I was an hypocrite because right now I am in a relationship with one of my band mates, too.

For a moment, he thought she was going to come up with an excuse and leave, and she was probably going to but decided against it, and sighed instead."I know.

And maybe if you weren't married and if I wasn't in a happy, committed relationship...

After the messy split with Paramore, the band released "Monster" - granting them a passive agressive tweet from Josh regarding it.

Paramore's latest album was a complete success in the charts and it was well received by critics, so nowadays Farro goes on interviews saying that he doesn't have hard feelings about them anymore.

Josh grabbed her arm and pulled her back, to keep her from leaving.

It includes some kind of epiphany about one's feelings, and it's followed by "I'm in love with you" "Oh, me too, I've always been in love with you" and more kissing.

He was jealous because he wanted to be the one being gross and over the top with Hayley.

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