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When I click on a favorite, one of four things happens: 1.About 80% of the time, the browser behaves normally and loads the destination page of the favorite right away. Sometimes nothing happens; it's as if I have not clicked at all. Sometimes the browser display turns white, but the destination web site never loads. Sometimes I must click the favorite two or three times before the browser finally loads the destination page.You’d think the import of your bookmarks/favorites would happen automatically during the Windows 10 upgrade, but alas…

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Apple has released an update to i OS 10, known as i OS 10.0.2, and while this addresses a number of problems we discuss in this page, there are a number of problems still plaguing i OS 10 users.

If you still experience low battery life, flaky Bluetooth and unreliable Wi-Fi connections with i OS 10.0.2, read on below to find the solution to your i OS 10.0.2 problems.

A similar problem occurs when clicking a hyperlink on a web page or in an email.

It works some of the time, but too often nothing happens until I have clicked the link two or three times.

like a problem, but Apple has re-arranged its filing system. Just an extra caution: Make sure you backup your i Phone before updating to i OS 10.3.

Apple File System (APFS) replaces the older HFS way of arranging your files, and now it's optimized for flash and SSD storage. We haven't experience problems, but you never know.

These problems began immediately after IE 10 was installed.

I tried disabling add-ins, which made no difference. I must continue to use IE for compatibility with our customers.

From the above screenshot, you can see I have Chrome installed.

If you don’t have another browser, download and install Chrome. 😉 Next: : Finally, on the next dialog box, click the Choose file button, and select the file you exported from IE earlier: When the import is done, you should have your old Internet Explorer bookmarks in Chrome!

Some users have tweeted at us saying that their i Phone 4S won't work when they try to update to i OS 10.3.

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